At Privacy Professionals, we combine cyber and privacy risk management services with insurance brokerage capabilities.

Our web-based technologies are utilized to automate and simplify the risk assessment processes, effectively determining the risks and effects of collecting, maintaining, and disseminating information. We then develop a strategic plan of action.

More than 40 topics are covered in our employee training programs, motivating learners to follow rules, policies, and best practices, efficiently delivering compliance training all in one place. Our Incident Response Planning automates the incident response process and delivers a strategic, compliant, and executable organizational plan of action. The platform includes the latest legislation for state and federal agencies. This platform can instantly generate notification letter templates in compliance with all 47 states.

Finally, as the last line of defense, we’ll find the appropriate insurance coverage in funding potential breach response expenses, defense costs for regulatory actions and other liabilities that arise in the wake of a security incident.

Our goal is to provide quality risk management and insurance solutions by enabling businesses to build an informative privacy awareness risk culture, reducing the cost of cyber and privacy risk, securing the correct insurance solution, and meeting the regulatory compliance and legal requirements.

Because we are the first and only risk advisory firm that combines cyber and privacy risk management services with insurance capabilities, we provide a cost-effective turnkey solution to address all your cyber and privacy risks needs.